Studio V Pre-Final | Helix Lofts

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We had an impromptu pre-final for studio and my boards did not reflect the level of progress I thought I had achieved. So I took another shot at representing the 3-dimensional figure of the helix 2-dimensionally. For about 11 weeks now, the consistent problem I have been facing is how to communicate this geometry without having to say anything. I mean, how to diagram and fully explain the extent of the form through sectional perspectives/parti/unfolded circulation/etc without having to take you on a fly-thru tour of my Rhino model.

In this pre-final crit, I am experimenting with representation. It all makes sense in my head, but apparently, it does not in everyone else’s.  It’s a fucking helix. It spirals. Both units are bound together and are identical. Is it any clearer?

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