Studio V Midterm | Helix Lofts

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So, we studied strategies of addition and subtraction to yield an expansion of 30′ of an existing multi-story building into 8 live & work loft units. For midterm, there was very little realistic, programmatic development. It was really just an exercise in arriving at a formal strategy.

It was great.  Richard is the most structured studio professor I’ve had so far. I can literally trace the steps of the process of arriving at this formal strategy since the very first exercise week 1. It was all a result of following a few simple rules and pushing them as far as they can go. Richard’s rubric, his constitution for teaching this studio, his syllabus, is all carefully organized to yield outlandish but realized results from all the students. I think giving this class any less than 115% would be a total loss. It is an absolute treat to have Richard recognize the best of you and hone it, guide it, inspire it furthermore. He has this ability to see the best version of whatever it is you present to him.

Anyway, midterm went incredibly well. I know exactly what to do next. Representation-wise, it was the issue of identifying which unit belongs to whom.  I’ll find a way to solve this.

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