Double Jointed | Adv Studio VI Monograph

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Monograph flip-thru

DOUBLE JOINTED | GSAPP Monograph flip-thru from Joem Elias Sanez on Vimeo.


Double Jointed is an exploration of anatomy and prosthesis as both extension and expansion of the body, presented in the format of a monograph. I examined mechanical connections and contorted postures—joints, knees, sockets, elbows, hips. I manipulated anatomical forms into building-scaled creatures, double jointed prostheses—displaced, untamed objects that exceed the sum of their parts. These distortions are bent unusually far or to abnormal extent in the anatomically incorrect direction. One recognizes moments of anatomic familiarity but realizes these forms have been transformed to exist in the fuzziness between the grotesque and the bodily.

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