Core Studio II | 3x3x3 *trans

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Breakthrough #1: Punctuations marks as continuities and interruptions between two things


Threshold, Transformations, Transitions

  • The offsprings, results, conditions of dualities

“I’ve been fascinated by things that operate in twos yet yield and enigmatic third. When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, I seek to understand this as much a collision as it is a fusion of two beings — producing an undefined offspring at the nexus where two systems begin to operate as one. I examine how dual conditions manifest spatially as agents of simultaneity, dynamic expansion and movement. My work can be seen as a series of primitive operations producing multiples that discover the verities bhind 1 + 1 > 2.”

Joem Elias Sanez. Statement of Intent (Los Angeles, 2011).


“One of the most fertile events and characteristics of proliferation is its condition of ‘trans.’ The multiple, simultaneous, diachronic, superposed contagion of information produces miscellaneous transformations. Given the different speeds of transformation and relations and things it might be said that they are all in different states of provisionality. ‘Trans’ as a combination of characters. Not the consideration of each work, but each work as a state of an indescribable complete work.”

Jose Alfonso Ballesteros. The Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture. (New York: Actar, 2003), 635.


How do we define the interstitial zones between programs? The void is only defined by the edges that permeate it. So these voids organically emerged as conditions of an architectural intervention.

These intermediary elements, the spaces between two things, can be as wide as a freeway or as narrow and inherently invisible as a line.
The elements in this liminal dimension visually manifest as thresholds (siting demarcations, edgees, divisions), transformations (complete changes in form, appearance, nature and character), and transitions (with a sense of naturalness, a seamless evolution of a smooth passage).

As each serves either as a nexus, a division, or both (depending on which side your gaze is positioned), what is fascinating to me and I think an argument worth rehearsing is its role as a third character in what was formerly a duality, the tension it imposes or relieves between two elements and the extent of its purpose in upholding or undermining the interdependence of a binary condition.

Is the in-between still necessary if the two elements can sustain each other? A symbiotic relationship… Or is the in-between what actually charges the functions of the duality? How might the in-between re-examine notions of twos, binaries, dichotomies through expansion, movement, and the production of multiples?

I started looking at punctuations as a way to codify moments/things that have powerful influences upon and engender radical reactions from the two things it stands between. Punctuation marks are basically a catalogue of interruptions and continuities between two things. It’s interesting because you can look at them metaphorically or literally…


. ? , ! … “_“ — ? ( ) ; :

full stop | misaligned |pause | conflict | longing | borrowed | carry on | interlude | long pause | send off

Dualities in Meaning

You will go you will return not, in the battle you will perish.               

You will go you will return, not in the battle you will perish. 

So, I started cataloging signifiers to intermediary conditions — an architectural condition where a railing, a barrier, stairs, steps, ramps would be necessary (which are my types), and then whether its purpose is to divide or to create a nexus.

Barriers and Railings

restive pause, line between here and there that divides as well as guides and protects, edge conditions

Ramps Stairs and Steps

connections, whether it’s a transition or a transformation, they break a continuous system, where we are most active, transformation in our bodily temperatures


thresholds to nothing or verge into an unknown beginning

_________ notes from table crit


*the duality in how it contextualizes itself in other languages

*This Is Hybrid


*cut and paste (precedent?)

*typology is constant

*what doppelganger means for me within banking?

*systematic + banking system doesnt need to be the same

*details = experiential. that’s what we notice

*bring this up to speed.

*which one is closest to the doppelganger mentality?

*look at piazza del campo, the broad bldg, semitaur tower

*… as its own was of dealing with a doppelganger mentality

*pick it up inconsciously?

*rules > limitations

*rules enable



*target the linguistic one and then the architectural one

*Transitional period… is the transitional ever important?

*Anish Kapoor, shooting into the corner

*now look for three that are not architectural


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