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Going around in circles…

This is not the best diagram for what I am trying to say.

Object 1 transforms to object 3 because of object 2.
Object 2 transforms to object 4 as a response to what object 3 has become.
Object 3 transforms to object 5 as a response to what object 4 has become.
Object 4 transforms to object 6 as a response to what object 5 has become.


Object X can transform into anything – a living creature, a mobile or static object – as long as object  2’s transformation into object 4 serves to uphold a logical relationship between it and the newly transformed object 3 (which will then transform in response to what object 4 has become).

One example:

We begin with a newsbox (OBJ 1) and a human body (OBJ 2).

Transformation Test 1: newsbox (OBJ 1) to another human body (OBJ 3)
If OBJ 1 transforms into a person (OBJ 3), rendering OBJ 2’s hand movements forms of expression via sign language… what would the transformed ‘other’ (OBJ 3) be saying and what must the initial ‘person’ (OBJ 2) transform into for the relationship to make sense?
What can the person become that would uphold a logical relationship?

What if OBJ 3’s hand movements were actually of a person pulling a dog’s leash…? transforming OBJ 2 into a dog (OBJ 4). Insert the dog’s movements in response to the pull of the leash. Thus, what must OBJ 3 (still a person) transform into in order to maintain the relationship? A frisbee? A laser pointer? Another animal?

We can freeze (re-FUSE) at any given moment and extract information from the objects in unison.

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