Brief III Thermoponics Pin Up 11.21 Summary

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It seems that no one understands my project but me.

it’s a Food Research Institute with two main programs: there was an immediate binary condition – a very cold, dry, seed storage/library, and a very warm, wet hydroponic lab. the ongoing brief for the semester is aquasphere, water as a means for reform, somehow. the conceptual solution was to utilize the given temperature conditions of a freezing lab and a blazing hydro farm as a means for a continuous method of water collection through condensation.
everything was conditioned by a thermal cycle and to perpetuate this moment of convection. angled to face the sun at all times is the hydroponic ramp system, where plants are catalogued in specific zones that are conducive to a simulated climate – as warm air rises and cold air drops, that flat surface is part of the glass, which is literally embraced by coolers where the seeds are stored, and alternate between warm vents from the farm, heaving like blow dryers where the visual, temporal sensation is conditioned by this fogged up glass that begins to perform as an imposing water feature, collecting water, stored in the reservoir below.
the interdependent relationship begain to evolve vertically, as warm “ribbons” expand in tension to shade the cold elements below, which contract, compress inwards in the east/west faces – as the north/south twist perpetually keeps the coldest elements under shade.
object/void , static/movement = things that emanate temperature vs things that move/fuel the cycle are composed in radical configurations to reach the most extreme of sensations at the moment of absolute convection. the building became about radical proximity and the need to experience and/or question how we, bodies, are conditioned by and redefine conventions of climate control through adjacency, immediacy, intimacy. climate conditions awareness. the need to feel. embrace. interlock. the ecstasy of spatial thinness.

Plans and sections to follow…

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