Brief III Condensation Scheme 2

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“No more linear schemes,” she said. I proposed a second scheme that operates the same way (condensation) and tried my best to do something non linear.

The interdependent elements are constant. I need the hot to remain hot, the cold to remain cold, for the surface between the two elements to be in a perpetual state of condensation. 1+1>2. I have x simple rules that I need to follow and I guess I could keep revising schemes but they would all be operating the same way. What would make one scheme more compelling than another is how its researched evolution has been (and continues to be) inextricably bound to site, program, concept and form – how careful analyses of these altogether redefine the over-arching idea. Sato liked this scheme. I am also all about it. I’m going with it.

Thermal cycle.

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