ADR II | Week 1 | The Cut

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“Draw the most important section for understanding your building. Draw the least important section for understanding your building. Inter-relate these through a plan drawing. All three drawings will be on a single sheet drawn at a scale of your choosing. There is no neutral way to draw a plan and section. How you choose to represent teh cut portions of the building, the depth beyond the cut, and the projected elevation surfaces are all aesthetic decisions. Where you cut the building and how the drawings relate begins a conceptual argument. These cuts traditionally preceded the model as inter-related orthographic projections. but in the drawing/model fusion presented by digital software, the 2D representation is often extracted from the digital model. How can this be exploited, critiqued?”

UNStudio’s VilLA NM is a single helix. I cut three sections along the spiral geometry and then unfolded them to make a single continuous cut. I then started rotating this new geometry every 10-20 degrees, cutting sections as I went, going from 0 to 90, eventually arriving at a plan… Why? Just following the assignment. The plans are obviously a rather underwhelming result.

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