ADR II Final

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For my final drawing, I have continued to examine how dual conditions manifest spatially as agents of simultaneity, dynamic expansion and movement.

I began this drawing with a single infinite vortex with a vanishing point that is pulled out of the frame. I wanted to introduce a gravitational pull to a two-dimensional spiral geometry. This came from earlier observations of techniques deployed in the movie “Vertigo.” I felt that Hitchcock’s spiral and radial figures and gestures throughout the movie did not evoke a vertiginous sensation. I have since created a dual condition out of this base drawing as a means to investigate spatial distortions and impossible geometries. I seek to discover the impossibilities in the limitations of a geometry to then effect possibilities of false perceptions of depth.

By inserting idiosyncratic interventions between existing dualities, I seek to challenge what is otherwise understood to be a singular, myopic experience. Ultimately, I want to digress from the rote and liminal experience of binary, and re-envision a set of interdependent elements between blurred, overlapping lines – where concavity shuffles with convexity, flatness dissipates into depth, and figures morph into constellations.

My composition is an endless repetition of a vertiginous landscape. Each vortex is a drawing in space, built from a multitude of repeating tangent lines. By multiplying an infinite vortex and compositing them into a unified landscape, I create a logic that evokes an illusion of an illogical space.

joem elias sanez adr ii final






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