Joem Elias Sanez is a second-year Master of Architecture candidate at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University. He is also a part-time Architectural Assistant at Herzog & de Meuron New York following a year-long traineeship with HdM Basel in Switzerland. This blog is dedicated to the documentation of both undergraduate and graduate work.

By the age of seventeen, Joem Elias Sanez had lived in five countries within a span of seven years, attending international schools in the Philippines, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Joem was accepted to several art schools in the United States after graduating high school in 2005 from the International School Manila. His International Baccalaureate Higher Art Exhibit earned Joem a merit award which supported his admission to Otis College of Art and Design. Joem began his studies at OTIS as a Sculpture/New Genres major in the Fine Arts Department, following a summer spent studying Painting and Photography at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY. After a year and a half, Joem shifted his focus towards Architecture/Landscape/Interiors. Joem’s high academic standing allowed him to keep a Fine Arts minor while pursuing his newly found interests in architecture.

Joem’s art and cultural production began to thrive in the language of spatial design. Studying and practicing within the discourse of aesthetics of an art and design institution has propelled his production as a manipulator of space. Discretely tethering the line between the aesthetics of form and functions of space, Joem’s approach to materials as architectural enablers has him not only solving problems, but also questioning those problems. Critically thinking of frame, context and content within the paradigms of architecture, landscape and interiors, Joem aspires to produce work that is circumspect, as well as highly articulated — the work is intended not for an occupant, but an experiencer; not for a dweller, but a thinker. Joem completed his BFA with honors in Architecture/Landscape/Interiors with an Interdisciplinary Concentration in Fine Arts in 2010. He is currently a Master of Architecture candidate at Columbia University. Joem maintains a school blog and online portfolio with access to a wide collection of his undergraduate and graduate work, and most notable pieces produced from 2004 to 2011.